01 February 2008

The Year of Living Thankfully (Part 1)

"Let them give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men. Let them sacrifice thank offerings and tell of His works with songs of joy." Psalm 107.21-22

I've started journaling a Daily Thankful List (one of my New Year's resolutions) adding a new one each day. It's really a great task. When the grumblies descend it really does help just to read through the long list of the beautiful things that God allows me to enjoy every day.

  1. That Michael works like a dog day in and day out for us (and that he loves it)
  2. That my wonderful helper, Briana, is BACK after a great mission trip to Guatemala!
  3. Evangeline learning Eskimo & butterfly kisses and being just about as darling as humanly possible.
  4. A really sweet evening with my sister just chatting by the fire. Between the two of us we have 10 kids, so those opportunities are precious to say the least.
  5. Ray Ray surprising us by standing on her own, and cruising along the furniture this week! Also, I am so thankful for her singing and dancing to Baby Einstein and adding to her vocabulary "Hi!" and "Uh-oh" and "Day-doo" (thank you)
  6. Michael and I celebrating 19! years since our first official date
  7. Leading worship with Bill Cantos, Paul Jackson, and Chris Lizotte
  8. Jackie becoming so good about expressing thankfulness at every single opportunity. (I'm learning from him!)
  9. M'Cheyne's daily Bible reading emails reminding me to get into the Word
  10. Dinner with Yateses roaring with laughter until we nearly needed medical attention
  11. The delightful "Girl Day" at the spa that I had with Marg, and that she's becoming a terrific babysitter and encouraging us to go out more. Gotta love that!
  12. Our field trip to Little Ethiopia
  13. Several really relaxing days at the beach
  14. That the rotten punks -- er, I mean misguided youths -- who broke into my car, siphoned my gas tank dry (who steals GAS?!), and stole my one pair of swanky sunglasses, didn't find my purse that was hiding under the diaper bag. Hooray!
  15. Ricker studying so hard and acing his semester exams
  16. That I didn't die from "Barleygate '08"
  17. The amazing grace of Jesus every day of our lives
  18. That I had the exquisite pleasure of overhearing Jackie singing this song: "Thank You, Lord, for saving my soul. Thank You, Lord, for making me whole. Thank You, Lord, for giving to me Thy great salvation so rich and free."
  19. That we made huge progress getting better organized
  20. Our awesome OCEAN (Orange County Ethiopian Adoption Network) Park Play Day and dinner at the Yates' home.
  21. Ricker's incredible, wild sense of humor. I have an odd feeling I know what it was like for Mrs. Carrey raising Jim.
  22. The much-needed rain SoCal has gotten this month. Keep it comin', Lord!
  23. That our Uganda mission trip with two other families this year is taking shape! That hopefully, we'll be able to spend a few days in Ethiopia, too!
  24. Elianna Ray took her first three steps!
  25. A few days of vacation even though we did get rained out
  26. An amazing spa day that was so rejuvenating and luxurious
  27. A really fun family brunch and afternoon at the movies after church
  28. Joe & Jesi's referral of five week old TWINS!
  29. My Grams' 85th birthday. Thank You, Lord, for such a wonderful role model.
  30. Swimming and sitting in the jacuzzi at Poppy & Nana's house
  31. Celebrating our beloved Ray Ray's first birthday at Disneyland!

Who cares about daily irritations, problems, exhaustion, and whatever other nonsense keeps me from fixing my eyes on Jesus when there is so much to be grateful for! Thank You, Lord!


emily said...

I am thankful for my friend Laurie:)

Tish said...

Great list! Love reading your blog! And love when you post beach photos!!!!

Liesl said...

This post is great! It's so easy to get caught up in "keeping up with the Jones's" and thinking our life would be so much better "if only I had..." God wants us to have thankful hearts and this list is a great one to have! I think I might need to copy your idea...starting my "new year" February 1st instead :) Thank you for sharing!

Lori said...

#23... I've been researching a trip to ET or another African country for 2009 to do some home building! There are sooo many opporunities it's unreal! I cannot wait to hear more about your plans and wish you weren't going this year so I could tag along too. Perhaps we can start a yearly or bi-yearly trip?!? After I get more information about some stuff I'm going to share it on my blog and look for friends to join in with us.

I love the list too - what a great idea! I also ditto Em's comment!

Keva said...

WOW, you/that list are inspiring.

Rebecca said...

AMEN!! What a great idea!!! I think everybody should have a thankful list. :) We are BLESSED!!!


be_a_Mary said...

LOVE IT! I love how being positive and grateful can shift our perspective and point us to the many many blessings we have!! Thanks for this!

ErinOrtlund said...

This is a great idea! I love your list and I should definitely start my own!