03 July 2009

Blondepedia: The Source For All Your Misinformation Needs

I am starting up a new website for misinformation of all kinds. It's going to be called Blondepedia.

My husband, Michael, read my last post and said, "Poppy didn't have an angioplasty. He had an angiogram."

So, I said, "No, he had an angioplasty."

And he said, "Nuh-uh!"

And I said, "Yuh-huh!"

And he said, "No way!"

And I said, "Way!"

Turns out I was wrong. Darn. I mean, fabulous, amazing news that Poppy had an angiogram instead of an angioplasty, but darn that I misreported. By the way, the results were GREAT, arteries look clear, so he's good to go for his appendectomy tomorrow... See, there I go again! (Really, he's having open-heart surgery in a few weeks.)

But that goof was just the beginning of my professional career as Dr. of Erroneosity.

In discussing Mother's surgery I missed her using the word "partial". Oops! I was wrong again. Darn! I mean, incredible, miraculous news that Mother's surgery was not a radical mastectomy, but darn that I misreported again!

So, the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God is that the surgeon was able to do a partial mastectomy! One doctor even referred to the surgery as a LUMPECTOMY and we like that term so much more that that's what we're calling it from here on out! By the way, the lumpectomy went wonderfully, lymph nodes look clear, and she's recovering beautifully!


So, just to completely clear up all confusion...

Got it?

By the way, I am also the one that twittered Jeff Goldblum's death. I am a virtual fount of misinformation. Thus, my new career as CEO of Blondepedia.

"I'm Margie McClure and I endorse this blog post as non-misinformation."


ErinOrtlund said...

You're so funny, Laurie! Praying for both your parents and the whole family...

Anonymous said...

You keep me constantly laughing. We are daily praying for your sweet family!
Much love to you,

be_a_Mary said...

Oh my goodness I'm dying of laughter! you are soooo funny. i keep praying for your folks.

FHL said...

So glad that your Mom's procedure went well!

darci said...

somehow i missed a whole whack of posts this summer..i thought you had taken your blog private-maybe you had fora while? anyway, just catching up on some links i saw on teh side of your blog-i am so glad that things went well and am praying for continued health and healing for your family!!
plus, you crack me up, as usual. :) darci