07 April 2009

Margie McClure Pink Ribbon Prayer Team Update - The Half Way Mark!

This week marked the half-way through chemotherapy point for Mother! Take THAT, breast cancer!

Mother's been doing pretty well, considering. I asked her if, so far, it was worse than she had imagined or not quite as bad. She said that her experience with chemo has actually been better than she had expected it to be! Told ya she was a tough broad. Still, even factoring in her sunny and unflinching nature, I can't tell you what an amazing blessing that is to hear!

Some promising news and the Grapevine:
Last week during an appointment with her oncologist, Dr. VanderMolen, he was baffled when he was unable to find the lump. He couldn't find it! WOW!

The Grapevine, though, has her already having had an MRI confirming her complete healing. Although the MRI part is not true, we simply don't know yet if she's been miraculously healed and is now cancer-free. She may be! But, lump or no lump, she has wisely chosen to follow Dr. V's recommendation that she finish the final 9 weeks before having an MRI to see how much progress is made in whooping cancer's butt. At the very least, though, her cancer has significantly shrunken. PRAISE THE LORD!

How you can pray:

  • That the Lord would be glorified

  • That she would be fully healed and remain cancer-free

  • That once she's done with chemotherapy, the MRI shows no need for surgery or radiation

"Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages,
teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom,
healing every sickness and every disease among the people."
Matthew 9:35 NKVJ

And just for my Maternal Person's enjoyment (although you're free to enjoy away)...


ErinOrtlund said...

Thanks for the update! SO glad it's going so well!!!! Yeah, take that, breast cancer! :)

FHL said...

Praise God! Keep the good news coming Lauri!!!

BTW, LOVE the pics! ;o)

be_a_Mary said...

YAY!! I'm so glad she's doing well!! I will keep praying!