05 June 2010

What The Hair Kind of Blog Is This Anyway?!?

There are several new posts with hairstyle ideas on the new blog. Plus, you can check out Ray Ray's new braids at As For Me And My Haus!

01 June 2010

The Bride... On The New Blog

The Church is the Bride of Christ. Is this how we're supposed to feel about her?

My thoughts are on As For Me And My Haus.

21 May 2010

If Not Us, Then Who... On the new blog

Check out the new blog for a response to Pat Robertson.

14 May 2010

Insecurity... On The New Blog

'Nuff said.

Book review on the new blog.

11 May 2010

Shhh! (Sneek Peek At The New Thang!)

It's kind of a secret because it's still

but a few of you have been getting kinda

I know! Tick tock! Tick tock!

So as long as you remember. Large machinery. Still in progress. Major work to be done, etc...

I'll give you a sneek peek.

(Also, remember that this blog is soon to be)

The new blog is...

Drumroll please...

still called the same thing!

Confused? Disappointed? I promise you'll like it!

As For Me And My Haus

Come and have a looksee!

What?! I told you it was coming, didn't I? Don't look so shocked!

20 April 2010

Doors Closing to the Public Soon!

Pretty soon (I hope!) the new site will be up and this blog will be closed to the public. If you're not the person who leaves me long comments in Chinese, or the spammer who thinks I need a lapband, cheap prescriptions, or a "hot singles" dating site recommendation, and you want to continue reading the privatey-private family blog, feel free to email me or leave a comment here to get on the guest list!

Thanks, friends!

15 April 2010

Thoughts For The Day

I can't change other people,
their behavior, attitudes, decisions, or treatment of others.
It's not my job to do so.
I can only change myself,
speak truth, give grace, love others, forgive,
create appropriate boundaries, and act rightly.
I am only responsible to God for myself.
And, thank Jesus for that!
I'm enough work, baby!


Ode To Chocolate
~Me again

Chocolate, chocolate, thee I love.
Thank you, Hershey's, Giradelli, Dove.
Oh, precious, yummy, pointy Kiss.
Blissy blissy blissy bliss.

Annnnnd..... that's all I got. Have a happy day!

13 April 2010

Where's the New Thang, Huh?

I know what you're thinking... "So, you promised a new blog and... nothing! Whatcha been doin', huh?.."

The new blog with a new url is still under construction, hopefully celebrating a Grand Opening soon, though!

So what's the deal? What are we doing?

Well, a little bit of the same, a little bit of new, hopefully a lot of fun! I'll be blogging about:

My hectic and wonderful life with Haus and our bunch of kids
Marriage (the good, the bad, and the nearly deadly)
Mothering (and growing up while I'm at it)
Field tripping
Orphan care
Christianity & Church issues
Book reviews
Products I like
Maybe a few embarrassing admissions of public falling for your mocking pleasure
And pretty much anything I find interesting or funny

Can't wait! I've got some funny stuff to tell ya!

05 April 2010

New Blog Comin'. Buckle up.

I'm currently brewing up a whole new "thang" that Haus and I are pretty excited about! Stay tooned!

31 January 2010

Guess Who Turned THREE?!

Our little African violet!

26 January 2010

"Love & War"

Ransomed Heart is the ministry of John & Stasi Eldredge. I cannot say enough about them.

This is John. He's the guy who rocked the Christian literary world with Wild at Heart breaking the mold for books about manhood.

And, this is Stasi. She and John bared their souls in Captivating reminding us of the treasure that is the heart of a woman.

OK. They have explained: A book about men, a book about women... The next obvious choice was to write a book about marriage. But, seriously, I know I've asked it before, but how many of the gazillions of books about marriage out there do you find to be almost useless and disappointing? Most? Me too.

It's like most of the books about "the challenging child"... Usually, I end up thinking, "Wow, their 'challenging child' sounds like my easiest! Gimme that kid any day of the week!

Marriage is HARD. Why didn't anyone tell us this?! Marriage is hard in the best of circumstances. You take two people who are so crazy about each other that they'd like to be superglued lip to lip for all eternity, and you put one in a gorgeous gown and one in a tux, and you have them say "I do's" and -- VOILA! Bippity boppity boo! They can barely make it through one meal without starting World War III.

It's hard. Really, really, really hard. We don't get each other. We don't know the right things to say, nor the right things to do. We cannot read each other's mind. We hurt each other without even meaning to... and, let's be honest, sometimes with absolute intention. Add to that stressful issues like money, parents, sex, jobs, church, friends, and kids, and it's a wonder any marriage survives 10 years!

What used to be sweet now falls flat. What used to be give-and-take now feels more like give-and-give-and-give 'til Kingdom come. What used to be endearing is now just annoying. Hope seems absurd and resignation inevitable. That's not to say that there aren't wonderful, beautiful, delicious seasons when relating to one another is easy and sweet, when puppy love blossoms all over again, when you can't get enough of one another, and the sex is seriously off the hook! Oh, how I wish we could bottle those seasons! And the amazing sex, too!

But, stoking the flames of love takes a great deal of work. Come on, if you've been married more than five minutes, you know what I'm talking about.

John and Stasi wrote Love & War and have recently embarked on a book tour.

Last weekend, Michael and I got to hear John & Stasi Eldredge speak on their Love & War Tour. Food for the soul. Oh my, we were both so inspired, as were the other couples with us, Curtis & Karen (He is Eldredge's agent, which is just beyond cool if you ask me!), and Chris & Christi.

I raced to the back to be first in line to give Stasi a hug and slobber all over her about how much I loved Captivating, how it spoke to my heart like my own blood and guts were spilled out on the page, you know, soul-sister type praise, and how I just wished that there was an action figure-sized Stasi I could keep in my pocket. She's just wonderful.

I think I scared her pretty good. She probably got a restraining order.

Anyway, now Michael and I are reading Love & War together and enjoying every minute. It is a deep and rich read, which I recommend with all my heart. Pray for us because marriage books have been known to be used as heavy objects to hurl at one another. And, please, let us know if you are reading it as well so that we may pray for you!

23 January 2010

A Tiny Praise Report About Honoring God in My Behavior

You know how it goes. When you're really working on a particular discipline, you will be presented with very tough situations in which to practice and put some muscles on it. So, in my house we've been working on honoring God in our behavior, which means that we are all running headlong into circumstances in which it would be really, really easy to not do so.

Yesterday, my practice circumstance looked like this.

A snotty lady we encountered while running errands stood there sneering at my precious children (4 white, 1 black) and fumed with disdain,

"WHAT is this world coming to?!"

Its funny because as soon as I saw her and watched her lips curl back in disgust as she took in the sight of my beautiful, multi-ethnic family, I knew she would say something caustic. I took a deep breath before the ugly words came flying at us and prayed that whatever I did or said would be honoring to God.

I replied,

"Well, thankfully, this world is coming to
the aid and adoption of orphans."

and just looked back at her with peace on my face as she continued to glare at us.

YES! I almost did a ridiculous victory River Dance with my hands on my hips and my feet flying around right then and there!

For those of you who are wondering if we experience racism often, the answer is no, thank the Lord. Most people who say anything at all are completely lovely. But, when we have encountered racist ugliness I have really struggled with how to respond in a Christlike fashion and not *ahem* say something that is satisfying in the moment but that I regret later *ahem*. Especially when it's the N-word. Yeah, that's a toughie.

So, this was one of those spiritual muscle-building moments in practicing honoring God in my behavior and I did it! I spoke back instead of stammering like an idiot and chose words that I wouldn't regret later and...

I didn't even head-butt her! YEA!

20 January 2010

Hausam Family Credo Study - Week 1

Sometime mid-2008, we wrote and memorized a list of some of our Family Maxims. When my flinging-flanging computer died late last summer and maliciously devoured its own password so I couldn't even retrieve any data, reciting our credo during family devotions kind of slid by the wayside. (I finally played frisbee with it so I think it learned its lesson in the end.)

Anyway, since we hadn't spent time on them in a while, we decided to spend a week focusing on each.

Monday began Week One:

In Our Family, We...
honor God.
All of our behavior is measured against this standard.

The first day I awoke all revved up, fresh faced, ready to roll on polishing up my honoring God. So exciting! The morning went beautifully. Awesome family Bible study. Worship time with the kids. Marg on guitar and Ricker on drums, the rest of us on various rhythm instruments. (Let's not digress here about the virtue of a kazoo in a worship band. Let's just put a pin in that one and we'll save it for later.)

Anyway, that's when the whining, and crying, and interrupting one another, and pretty soon some shouting here and there began and I started to stumble a wee bit with my honoring God attitude. The non-honoring God behavior was soon to follow. Honestly, by the end of a very long, vexing day I was ready to drink Drano feeling pretty humbled and dishonorable. Shoot.

OK, Day 2. Fresh start.

Epiphany... "All of my behavior"... Behavior is action. That doesn't mean I don't have an occasional moment of, say, wanting to stick a fork in someone's eye... It's that I don't actually do it! Instead, I need to wait. And think. And pray. And ask the Lord to show me what is the right and godly choice in this particular moment. I don't think he'll whip out "Stick a fork in thine neighbor's eye", but I'm not putting it past Him because He does have a pretty fantastic sense of humor and irony.

That's really all it is. Taking the 10 second breather and deciding to behave in a way that is honoring to God.

I know it's become sadly pithy, but

What would He do? What did He do in every situation? He honored God the Father, right? And all of His behavior was a blazing testament to that simple standard.

It means I need to weigh everything about my life in light of honoring God. All of it. Not just my behavior because really that's just the fruit. Baby steps!

So, really, this is The Biggie. When I truly live according to the first commandment (upon which this is founded), then the rest is actually supposed to follow organically.


By the way, in retrospect, I think God totally would have played frisbee with the old computer. He would have smote it for sure.