13 February 2008

It's Potty Time

Evangeline & Sleepy Bear sitting on the pot

Pray for me in this hour of need!
We're potty training.
So far, it's not a wild success, but this morning Evangeline was supposed to be sitting on her little plastic throne patiently waiting for me to finish changing Elianna Ray, and when I turned around there was a little poo pile right next to the potty. Evangeline looked at me with shrugged shoulders and said, "Oh well, al-mo!" (almost).
Off I go to sing the pee-pee song again and lead some potty cheers (L-e-t-s-g-o! Let's go! Let's go! L-e-t-s-g-o! Go potty!) ... Wish us luck!


Deanna said...

LOL! Someday you can tell that story to her husband :)

cbpaschall said...

Okay, this picture I saw and thought how MUCH Evangeline looks like Michael. Then, I scrolled down to the pics of you as a toddler and she is a spittin image of you! Sheesh, she is a cutie. I think the cuteness helps us moms deal with cleaning up the poo next to the potty days.

Rebecca Lily said...

Good luck, dear! My heart goes out to you. Potty training has got to be one of the greatest feats we mothers accomplish in our lifetimes. :) Make sure you have lots of Clorox Clean-Up on hand. :)


Tish said...

So funny that she said "oh well, al-mo!" What a fun personality she must have!

ErinOrtlund said...

I thought I knew what I was doing as a mother, UNTIL I started trying to potty train! I think someone could make a lot of money if they would start a business where someone comes to your home and trains your children for you!

Jesi Q said...

What a doll... Sounds like she's "al-mo" got it! ;-) Hope things are going well and she's getting the hang of it! Good luck!