03 February 2008

A Few Vacation Pics

For some reason Photobucket won't display the slideshow I made, and after trying to make it work 25 times, I'm letting it go. This is me letting my consternation at Photobucket go. Phew! What a load off! :) Anyway, here are a few pictures of our vacation to Mexico & San Diego that was cut short.


The Redman's said...

Gorgeous! Looks like a fun trip. Where in Mexico were you?


emily said...

Love daddy in bed with his sweet baby girl!! Good pics:)

Lori said...

I think I need to stop being friends with you - You bring out all the ugly jealous feelings that friends shouldn't have! ;)

No, seriously, you guys have the most fun and you're a great photographer - I love the one with Daddy too! How sweet!

Now, please do some house hunting out there for me and let me know when you have a bunch for us to come check out!