12 February 2008

Party Time!

We had such a fun party for Mother's 60th and Ray Ray's 1st at the folks' house!

For all of you people living in the frozen tundra right now, like our cousins Eric & Erin in Saskatchwan where it's something like -24 degrees, take heart. Yes, it's warm here (California IS a desert), but it's also bone dry (eczema weather that makes you want to rub lotion on your skin all day) and the sky's been filled with sludgy smog the last few days. Bleck! It's warm (79 today), but yicky. The kids could care less, because it's pool weather, too! Here are a few fun photos of our birthday party on Sunday for Mother & Elianna Ray!
Papa & Ray Ray having a ball in the pool!
Evangeline's turn!
Becky & Charlotte, Buddy & Lincoln, and me
Poppy & Evangeline
Kids & Nana
Poppy & Ricker
Evangeline wants to wade in the fountain
Ray Ray & Mama

Lisa & Wills

Poppy & me

Evangeline snuggling with Nana

Little Miss Cake Face

Wanna bite?


Tish said...

Looks like fun! The birthday girl was precious wearing her cake, and your mother is gorgeous!

ErinOrtlund said...

Well, that makes me feel a little better! But only a little. ;)