15 February 2009

Update for The Margie McClure Pink Ribbon Prayer Team

On Friday Poppy and Mother had a lengthy meeting with her oncologist at Hoag Cancer Center in Newport Beach, Dr. Louis VanderMolen, discussing his recommended treatment plan. Because the type of cancer she has can quickly spread to her blood and then to the rest of her body, he wants to start off with 18 weeks of chemotherapy. After that she'll have surgery (hopefully just lumpectomy, but maybe mastectomy). Then after a recovery period she will undergo 6 weeks of radiation.

This coming week she'll have several scans (full body, PET, CAT, etc.) and then have her first 5-hour chemo treatment next Thursday, 2/19. Dr. VanderMolen acknowledges that this regimen is going to be a doozie, but he's optimistic that if her treatment is aggressive she'll be cancer-free at the end of it.

This is obviously not what any of us was praying to hear. We were shooting for a simple lumpectomy, radiation, and bada-bing all done. Realizing that this is much more serious that we had originally thought has been a challenge, but we also know that God is in control no matter what! Mother is doing very well mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. For her, just knowing what we're dealing with and what the treatment will be was actually relieving. Once she had a plan of action, she was ready to just get it done. She's remaining full of faith, not dwelling on what might happen, not worrying about anything... positive, upbeat, and with her sense of humor squarely intact. She is definitely disappointed that she'll lose her hair, but is having a remarkably great attitude about it. We're just going to get her a gorgeous wig or two and some fabulous scarves!

The woman is an inspiration.

THANK YOU for your prayers, support, and outpouring of love! It means the world to our whole family. Please do continue to pray for our sweet Maternal Person for her complete healing and that the Gospel might be widely spread through her illness. Six months from now we'll prayerfully be celebrating her remission!

All Margie McClure Pink Ribbon Prayer Team Members are invited!

McClures in Maui 2008 for Poppy & Mother's 40th Anniversary
Back row: Margot, Laurie, Ray Ray, Charlotte, Poppy, Mother, Evangeline, Lisa, Mark, Becky, Lincoln, and Bud
Front row: Jackie, Michael, Ricker, Matthew, Zuzu, Morgan, Wesley, William, and Johnny


Elizabeth Lyons said...

You're taking it all in stride - one day at a time. Looking forward to the 6 month remission party! In the meantime, please know that 7 people (at least) in Arizona are praying for your Mom and your entire family!


Tish said...

If the doc gives her anti-nausea meds for the chemo..tell her to start taking them before she feels sick...just take them regularly to avoid getting nauseated at all. that is what my mom did and her chemo was fairly easy for her (all relative, i know). I've been praying for her (as well as still for your nephew), so thanks for the update!

Melissa said...


be_a_Mary said...

oh, man, i'm sorry to hear this news. we will be praying for you guys. please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Anonymous said...

Praying with you. BTW, losing your hair isn't such a given: My mom was diagnosed 13 years ago. She claims her hair was stronger/less falling out than ever before. During her last round of chemo, her Dr. was out of town and the guy filling in for him couldn't believe it was her own hair and gave it a tug to make sure it was real. If your mom doesn't want to lose her hair, that's what I'll pray for. It couldn't hurt to ask. I know in the grand scheme of things, it's rather inconsequential, but the whole thing is such a bother as it is, one less thing to think about is nice.

ErinOrtlund said...

That does sound like a doozy! On the other hand, how great that the doctors are being aggressive and that they have such confidence that she will be cancer-free! I also have heard that patients who are positive and can see the humor in a situation really help their immune systems fight better! One of these days, Margie will probably be out in front in one of those breast cancer walks. She'll be walking the first lap with the other folks who beat it!

Liesl said...

What an amazing woman! Please count us in on that prayer team...we are believing God for Healing right along with you!

Bless you,
Keep us posted...


FHL said...

Thanks for the update Laurie. Praying for that party six months from now.