07 February 2008

To My Favorite Lurker/ Stalker


I know you're there. I know you read this blog obsessively. I know you are a sad, sad, sad, sad person who just can't summon the guts to comment... ever! You like peeking in on my life and you think you're getting away with it... You're like a sicko peeping Tom. People hire security because of people like YOU!

I'm totally kidding. My old friend X apparently has been reading my blog regularly and never commenting. What a naughty, naughty lurker you are!

I love you, sweet lurking Ms. X! Now, comment already! You've been outed.


Teabo Chica said...

Okay I dont have your personal email but any idea and when the mission will be to Ethiopia, maybe?
Would love to know more!
I have been busy reading your posts, even though laundry is calling my name, I just have a big ol smile as I read your humor in your writing! And oh a lot of envy that you get to see the sun...you know the big orbit in the sky! Say hello to Mr.Sun for me.

The Hausams said...

Well, we're HOPING for September, but it's not been determined yet. So far, the Uganda part is more of a sure thing, and we're pushing to add a mission to ET or tack it on to the Uganda trip. I'll be sure to let you know.
And, I just blew a little kiss at Sol for ya!