04 February 2008

Superbowl XLII

First, I have to admit that I only watched about 5 minutes of the game (Giants had 3, Pats 0) and I still don't even know who won. Sad, I know. But, you must understand that we were at the super-amazing Superbowl party at Uncle John & Auntie Marilyn's home in Newport Coast. Every year they come up with a cool theme (Gotham City, Circus, Military, Indiana Jones, etc.), decorate their home to the hilt, truck in enough gourmet food to feed a small country, and invite in anyone who wants to come pretend to watch the game. All the kids are entertained by animals like tigers, elephants, camels, or chipanzees, and they get their faces painted, and charicatures drawn, and get lost in the maze, enter the scavenger hunt, and stuff their faces at the Kids' Only food bar and soda fountain. It's incredible. The adults then are free to visit with friends and family, enjoy the live band, and generally be amazed by the carnivale of fun. We had a BALL!

But, the best part of yesterday, was that we had the privilege of running into some old friends from Westmont days and hearing all about their new ministry opening an orphanage in Israel. I wish I could share their names here so you could pray for them by name, but since they live in a part of the world that's not super fond of Evangelical Christians discression is imperative. This amazingly inspiring couple left behind a comfortable life in the beach cities to spread the Gospel to and care for Jewish orphans in one of the most war-torn areas of the world! Michael and I were glued to our places listening to the miraculous work that the Lord is doing through them in Jerusalem. They are my heroes!

She fell in love with Ray Ray in part because many of the teenage girls she teaches English to (and witnesses to) are Ethiopian Jews. In fact, they know many Ethiopians because many of the wealthier Ethiopians have moved to or have second homes in Israel. It was an incredible treat to share stories with this beautiful couple while they played with the babies and chatted about life and surreptitious evangelism in the Middle East. Awesome! So, please pray for our friends, the So-and-soes, that the Lord would bless the work of their hands in Israel and keep them safe from harm. Amen!

Now, who knows who won? And, how was the game?

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emily said...

Ok, now it is official- I want in!! That is the most fun Super Bowl party ever!! No wonder you don't know that the Giants scored a game winning touchdown in the last minute of the game and Tom Brady just couldn't pull it out at the end!!!

I bet the kids had an absolute b.a.l.l-- For sure the honorary Hausam will be joining you next year for that :)

I just emailed you!

Teabo Chica said...

Ummm....I want an Uncle John say does he have room for another niece :) looks like a blast!