22 February 2008

Happy Birthday, Ricker!

Happy 12th birthday to my precious son, Ricker! Today we're celebrating this beautiful boy, for all the joy and fun he brings into our lives. Ricker is our comedian. He's forever lighthearted and playful, gregarious and charming. He's our thespian and musician.
I woke up this morning just amazed that it's been twelve years with this wonderful young man. It's gone by far too fast.
I love you so much, Rickerman, and I'm so proud of you! You are such a fine boy. I can hardly wait to see how the Lord uses your life for His Glory. Keep going for Jesus, my son! Your mama is just plain crazy about you!


emily said...

Happy Birthday Ricker! I have one almost 12 year old boy that looks forward to playing with you in California! Hope you have a blessed day.

Tish said...

What a precious post! Happy Birthday, Ricker!!!!

Lori said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Ricker!!!
Have an amazing day!!