12 February 2008

Happy 60th Birthday, Mother!

As a beautiful bride in 1967

With my sister, Lisa, and me (right) c. 1971

Mama & me 1972ish

At the San Diego Zoo with all three kids -- me (left), Lisa & Buddy c. 1973

Family Christmas photo c. 1986

Happy 60th birthday to our dear, wonderful Mama! The Lord blessed us so much with a Mother like you!


Lori said...

It's obvious how you got your striking looks kiddo! And I do mean kiddo!!! You had me thinking that you were miles and miles older than I, only to find out I think we're right around the same!!! Hmmmm???

It's funny that on my last comment to your post on the "photo op", I agreed that Evangaline is all Papa, but after seeing this post, she is sooo YOU! You're baby pics. are exactly the same as the pics. of her on the blog!! Too funny!!

Anyway - xo Happy Birthday to Laurie's mom!!! You raised a wonderful beautiful daughter!

Lori - NH

Anonymous said...

How COOL she is amazing...
soooo MOD--I love the Cracker Jack
box. I also think that Ricker is all you!!! at that age.
love "X"

emily said...

She is beautiful!! The pics were loading above, off to view yet another party that one honorary family member wasn't in attendance!

Mastrella Madness!!!! said...

You know what they say, " Age is like wine, just gets better by the age."
I'm not sure who "they" are, but what a hot moma!