05 February 2008

~*~Reminder~*~ OCEAN We Heart Ethiopia Dinner

Orange County Ethiopian Adoption Network

We Heart Ethiopia Dinner

THIS FRIDAY, February 8th, 6:00

At the Hausams in Orange

Bring all your little Valentines!

RSVP by commenting in this post or in the guestbook & sign up to bring a dish to share


Rebecca said...

I know, I know! No post from me in a long time! It's so hard to post when all we're doing is waiting...Hopefully that will change fairly soon :)

Mommy, Momma, Mom and sometimes Babe :) said...

Hi there, you may remember meeting me at teh Frankfurt airport when you were heading to Ethiopia and we were on our way home with Elijah. Lori shared your photos with me and I was thrilled to have photos from our pitstop there (Elijah & I were sick on the flight home and the camera didn't come out). Thanks for inadvertantly sharing with us. For some photos of Hope Hiwot and her cooking, check out our blog at youneekgang.blogspot.com I think they were at the beginning of Jan.
God bless,