26 February 2008

I Didn't Mean to Bug Ya

We've been holed up in our cave with the flu bug for the last few days trying not to pass it around. I'm forming a deep, emotional bond with my trusty can of Lysol. I just might write an ode to it.

But, it's not completely fool proof. When I asked Ricker how he was feeling this morning he replied, "I'm totally buggin'!" Poor baby.

I'm buggin' too. Sick babies, housebound for days... We're climbing the walls with cabin fever! At least they're all feeling a little better -- enough to whine and squabble, which is a good sign!

It's a sea of Kleenex, and cough syrup, and thermometers over here, but, don't come over with chicken soup, OK?

We don't want to bug ya!


Lori said...

Geez, I was wondering why you've been rather "quiet"... Everyone's getting this nasty bug. Get well everyone.... :(

Rebecca said...

Oh no! We were all sick for a month and I can totally relate to the climbing-the-walls feeling!! I felt like we were hibernating. :) You guys get well soon!!!


Jesi and Joe said...

Ugh! You too! This flu stuff is nasty! I was hit in early January, and it's taken this long to really shake most of the cough/congestion I had! I hope you're all feeling much better today... sending zee-bee fighting good vibes your way...