13 January 2008

A Taste of Ethiopia Close to Home

We had such a great day in L.A. visiting Little Ethiopia. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful, sunny, warm day in the City of Angels. We had a few unforgettable conversations with local Ethiopians enchanted with Elianna Ray. It's truly unbearable to hear so many "thank you's" from Ethiopian people who are grateful for us adopting Ray Ray. I know that they are thinking about the great struggles that their country has faced and continues to battle, but it is WE who are the blessed ones to have her as our daughter. Anyway, we made some dear friends that we're looking forward to visiting again in the near future.

The kids loved the wat and injera at Merkado, except for Ricker who is usually a garbage disposal when it comes to anything remotely edible... Maybe next time he'll like it a little more. The rest of us devoured the completely delicious food, and Michael and I were thrilled to enjoy the fantastic Ethiopian beer, the same kinds we had in Addis. We toasted to our little Ethiopian princess!

The whole day brought back great memories of our trip to Africa... from the aroma of incense and the coffee ceremonies brewing nearby to the meals cooking in restaurants. It was wonderful! We're eagerly looking forward to our next visit...maybe with other ET adoptive families next time!


TedTracie said...

OK... I must know how you do these PRECIOUS blogs templates.. .PLEASE DO SHARE!!!!

PS.. your family is adorable!


TedTracie said...

Ok.. I just saw how you do it. Blog Designs by Rebecca...

emily said...

Yummy Ethiopian beer- will need to try that! We tried the honey wine and I wasn't a big fan. I prefer dry red:)