29 January 2008

Dedicated to Liz

Except that I can't share pictures of our brand spanking new remodel like my dear friend Liz Lyons did because we're not even in the blueprint stage yet. Rats!

One of the wonderful benefits that didn't even occur to us when we started blogging a journal about our adoption is that we've made such sweet friends in the process and shared the journey together. I'm really looking forward to the Blog Union this summer so we can all celebrate together! Just think how many of our babies will be HOME by then! How many of you are hoping to come out to California for the Blog Union??? Carey promises to post news about it soon...

*Private note to my PW/BUB girls, there's a rumor of a get together. Or, is that the one that I started? ;) Is anyone still working on that?

And, Lizzie, her room is looking fab! xoxo


Elizabeth Lyons said...

Well, no one has ever dedicated anything to me EVER! This is the highlight of my LIFE! I'm covered in paint, and I'm on my way back to open can #3. We'll definitely be there this summer. Just let us know where and when!


Misty said...

Well now you must play the fun game! Tag...You're it!:)

Anonymous said...

The girls are in the process of making a date and it will be in Topeka, KS I believe. We'll be sure to keep you informed.We sure do miss seeing you in the BUB