23 January 2008


As a film buff, I am sad to lose Heath Ledger. He was charming, and funny, and so gifted, and cute as a button, and I'll miss watching him develop into the genius on film that I fully expected him to become. Farewell to a young original.


emily said...

Ahhhh, we are indeed sisters in every way! I really have been sad about Heath, he had so much potential and a sweet 2 year old girl.

Can't find your email address....am I missing it somewhere on here? Lost all previous addresses- so send it my way.


The Hausams said...

I know, Em. I've been sad all day about it.

Sorry, I meant to add my email address to my note. Emailing you now.


Teabo Chica said...

sniff sniff....I will miss that gruff voice also, so sad. He was on my my crushes :(