24 January 2008

February OCEAN Dinner

Orange County Ethiopian Adoption Network

We Heart Ethiopia


Friday February 8th, 6:00

At the Hausams in Orange

Bring all your little sweethearts!!!

RSVP by commenting in this post or in the guestbook & sign up to bring a dish to share!


emily said...

I will be there in heart!! :) One day I will surprise you and show up for real. Sounds like fun!

Lori said...

Ditto Emily's comment!

Jesi and Joe said...

Can I ask what OCEAN is? Is this a group for local So Cal Ethiopian adoptive families? If so... awesome! I haven't heard of it yet! Are you a part of the So Cal Ethiopian adopt group? If not, you should join! If so... you should post about the get together!

Please email me with more specifics, I'm super curious!


Aliso Viejo

be_a_Mary said...

We'll be there with hearts on!! :) Wouldn't miss it.

Mastrella Madness!!!! said...

We are soooo looking forward to this!

The Hausams said...

I would flip with JOY if you guys showed up! That would be so fantastic! You're welcome ANY time! xoxo :D

The Hausams said...

Jesi, I know you've been in contact with Karen and I'm so glad you'll be coming! Looking forward to meeting you! :)