29 January 2008

Product (RED)

Meet the Gap Product (RED) Heartwork bear. Isn't he such a cutie? Plus, the cool thing is that 50% of the sales from this darling bear will be donated to the Global Fund for AIDS. I have to show you these pictures in sequence because they're just a little glimpse into what my "twins" are like. Sit down and buckle your seatbelt!

Two wiggly girlies

But I don't WANT to sit here right now!

Elianna Ray is such a snuggle bug!

Taking center stage in front of Ray Ray

So much fun

Lots of laughter

That's enough. I'm outa here!

Also, Converse Product (RED) has a new line called "Make Mine Red" where you can design your own shoes! 15% of the net retail sale goes directly to The Global Fund.


Dan, Misty & Ashar said...

I totally dig the shoes! Cute pictures too:)

Nicholas said...

Two words... WAY COOL!

I saw these awhile ago and wanted to order some that I designed and got distracted and closed down the browser - thanks for the reminder!

Nicholas said...

Another comment- the bear is awesome and I haven't seen it!

More awesome is the cutie pie pics. of your little peanuts! So cute!

emily said...

I heart product red!!! Love the bear and the shoes.

Those two girls couldn't be any cuter either. How blessed you are my friend.