05 January 2008

The Old Man is Snoring

I love rainy days! Granted, today the rain spoiled our beach day, but otherwise I love the rain. The older three would happily have a dandy time at the beach in the rain, but for the two little ones it's just miserable, and cold, and wet, and no fun.

Praying for the Sherrells who are leaving for Africa to bring home little Kidus in just a few days! Praise the Lord!


Lori said...

You're the only other person on the planet (besides myself) who loves rain... Please don't kill my excitment and say "only sometimes"!! Whenever I wake up to gray, cloudy, rainy days I smile from ear to ear!! I'm a bit "off" some would say!! :)

I wish we weren't 3k miles away from you - we'd LOVE to come for the gathering!!:(

Rebecca said...

I am a fan of rain too!!! There's nothing I love better than a rainy day!!!! Seriously!!!

I posted on my blog about my friend Amy - currently in Ethiopia to spend time with her daughter and bring home her baby boy!!