18 January 2008

Back to the Beach

Here are a few pics from Part 2 of our beach day last weekend. We took the kids out to breakfast and then down to the beach in the morning. After a couple of hours we were too hot in our sweats but not ready to go home for the day... so we stopped back home for lunch, and to grab our suits, boogie boards, and sand toys, and went back for more!


Rebecca said...

OK, while I'm sitting here in 0 degree Antarctica ya'll are happily splashing in the waves and playing in the sand!!!!

Would it be wrong if I was a LITTLE jealous???? :)


The Hausams said...

But, you guys get fall color and SNOW, you lucky ducks! And, we also have earthquakes, and fire season, and the mudslides that follow, and LA smog... I think we're even. But, the beach in the winter is pretty great, I must admit. We can trade houses for a week in the wintertime. How about that???

Teabo Chica said...

I am so jealous of your sunshine, can I come visit you from Washington state, dont tempt me I will fly there!

The Hausams said...

We'd love a visit! Anytime you want to burn up those frequent flier miles, head on down here! Suzi & fam are coming in April. Why don't ya hitch a ride and hang out with us?! :)