19 January 2008

Multiethnic Cooking Night

We've been checking out Recipe Zaar for some tasty recipes for Ethiopian dishes to add to our repertoire of Swedish/Scottish family meals. I agree with Mike Meyers who theorizes that most traditional Scottish food was originally based upon a dare (like haggis -- Bleck!), so our recipes are limited in that area, although we're doing OK in the Swedish food department. However, I'm thinking that there's not a whole lot of combining you can do here, folks, at least not that's very appetizing. I'm a little afraid that if I do, something may explode. Then the neighbors will gossip amid the rubble, "Gasp! Meth lab? Nah, I heard she was mixing up ethnic recipes."

Here's the meal we've come up with.

Ethiopian dishes:
እንጀራ Injera (spongy, sourdough flatbread)
ቀይ or ቀይሕ Qey Wat (spicy stew made from red onions and Ethiopian spices berbere and niter kebbeh)
ሥጋ Beef
*Unless for some reason you have Amharic font on your computer, you're unable to see the cool looking names of these dishes.*

Swedish dishes:
Raggmunk (potato pancake)
Isterband (sausage of pork, potato, and barley -- Hey, it's practically Ethiopian!) -- bought, not made

Scottish dishes:
Buccleuch beef
Deulce soup (potato)
Cranachan (a dessert made from whiskey, raspberries, honey, whipped cream, and oatmeal)

To drink:
Swedish lingondricka (which is kind of a punch made from lingonberries)
Ethiopian coffee with a little single malt Scotch whiskey to top it off!

Well, I'll let ya know how it goes, and if any combination proves to be spontaneously combustible!

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ErinOrtlund said...

Yum! I'll have to try some of those. Cranachan is really yummy--I made it several times in Scotland.

Now, I beg to differ on haggis. It's actually quite delicious! Like a spicy meatloaf. I would guess it is healthier too, than hot dogs or sausages. :)