03 January 2008

Gingerbread Village Demolition

A perfectly innocent gingerbread village

Oooooh! It's demolition day!

There goes the second cottage!

And the last one is almost down for the count...

A delicious, destructive mess

Michael and the kids and a friend, Todd, had too much fun! I think we have a new post-Christmas tradition now.


Rebecca said...

That is hilarious! In the first picture I thought that the gingerbread houses were like life size! What great pictures - they are perfectly taken with all the action! It is a great tradition :) The kids will always love it!

Rebecca Lily said...

Great pictures Laurie!! What a fun idea. :) I can especially see the boys getting into it!!


Tanya & Ramsey said...

Oh My! My kids would love that! LOL