14 January 2008

Pictures again

I know you're sick of us already, but here are some fun shots of our beachy valentine photoshoot:


Rebecca said...

WOW those are GREAT pictures!!! Your fam is so adorable! Did you have a friend along taking them?? They are amazing!! Now why didn't you send me the smoochy one for your header??? :)

Your kids are just precious. Thanks for sharing the pix!!


emily said...

Would never tire of looking at one of my favorite families. When can we come frolick on the beach with you??

Liesl said...

How precious!!! I love that your family is so close...way to raise up the next generation in the right way. It gives me hope for our future :)

Those are some great pics! And boy, do I miss the ocean...


The Redman's said...

Seriously-- you guys crack me up!! Always having so much fun together! Love it!!!! And, I can't believe how BIG Elianna is getting . Time flies!

Love, Suzi