17 January 2008

"One Love"

"Princes shall come out of Egypt;
Ethiopia (called Cush) shall soon stretch forth her hands unto God,"
Psalm 68:31

Here's an interesting article from Smithsonian Magazine about Ras Tafar/Haile Selassie I and the Rasta movement. To admit the truth, when we first chose Ethiopia I felt a little uncomfortable with the idea that when some people think of Ethiopia they envision reggae, and Marley (even though I like his music), and dred-drooped dudes who skateboard along Venice Beach or something like that. The drug images alone that the word "rastafarian" elicits are enough to make me cringe. So I found this article intriguing because it explains a little more about the roots of the reggae message. It's fascinating that it originated from Holy Scripture, although I'm not sure many rasta dudes hanging out in mall parking lots know that!

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