14 November 2008

Westmont on Fire (UPDATED)

Our beloved alma mater, Westmont College, has been caught up in the fire in the hills above Montecito. Last night we heard that several buildings had been confirmed lost (quanset huts, physics building, math building) and possibly the psychology building and the prayer chapel I talked about in this post. In the photos we're standing in/in front of Clark Hall, where I lived for two years. Now we've learned that Clark is gone, too. Check out these pictures. So sad.

According to an email from Westmont's Office of Parent Relations "the students are safe and have evacuated to the gym where they are well protected and have enough provisions to last the entire community for several days. This evacuation location was chosen in accordance with procedures recommended by the fire department." It remains to be seen if they'll need to evacuate completely off campus.

Please pray for the safety of students and faculty, protection over Westmont and for the residents in the area of this horrible fire.

UPDATE! Westmont's website posted this info:


All students and employees are fine. We are assessing damage this morning. Updates will be posted shortly.

No fires remain active on or in the campus area.

Praise the Lord!