04 November 2008

Pumpkiny Things

Is it bad that we've yet to carve our pumpkin? Oh well, here are a few photos of our pumpkiny adventures.

Michael is giving me today off -- GOOD MAN! We went on a family run in the rain at dawn this morning and I'm going to have another long walk with a friend before going to the spaaaaaaahhh. Nice. I hope you have a fantastic day, too!

Remember to VOTE! God bless America!

The Pumpkin Patch

Trick-or-Treating with Uncle Buddy, Auntie Becky, Johnny, Lincoln, and Charlotte! Marg made her dishwasher costume. Ricker is the Muppets' Swedish Chef. Jackie is military. Evangeline is an elephant and Ray Ray is a bumble bee. What a fun night!


JourneytoFamily said...

Love the pictures! You are totally rockin' the hot pink hair!!!

The Redman's said...

Great pics!!! Enjoy your day off!! I'm running on empty over here with one very sick little girl!!!!! Pray for Gracie and an energy boost for the momma!! :)

Wolfemom said...

Your pumpkins are precious!!