15 November 2008

Fire Watch

Photos of our smokey skies from the fires in Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills. The majority of the pics were taken from our house. Our phone has been ringing off the hook today with precious family and friends calling to see if our home is still standing. It is. We're fine. It's several miles away. We're just very smokey and ashy. All of Anaheim Hills is being evacuated right now and we live nearby, but we're not in danger because of the wind direction. Praise the Lord!

We're praying tonight for all the families that lost homes today. Michael spoke with a family today whose house burned down and they were just elated to get out uninjured because the fire moved so fast through their neighborhood. Thank the Lord for His mercies! Stuff doesn't really matter anyway.

Map of the fire. News report. msnbc.


darci said...

wow, dramatic photos.hoping you remain safe in your area..it's hard to even imagine, as we are in snow here. praying it will end soon.

Nicholas said...

We're praying and thinking of all of you Californians! It's just horrible that this is happening!

xox Lori

I Love Purple More Than You said...

It really puts all that "stuff" we hang on to, into perspective, doesn't it? Glad you guys are safe. We too are getting smoke and ash from the Sylmar fire.

DrewCareyShow said...

Oh man. I can't imagine what it's like where you are. Even at the beach, the sun's been covered over with soot, and it's been raining ash. A grim reminder of homes being lost. Glad you're okay and that your friends made it out safely. Scary stuff.

Rebecca Lily said...

Laurie, these are amazing photos - I hate to even comment on the photography when the subject matter is so grave! But still, they are amazing!! I am just glad your home is still standing and you are all safe - I've been thinking of you all!! Praying for all the familes who have been affected by these fires. Keep us posted.

Tish said...

I am so sorry for the damage being done by the fires...I was sorry to hear that som many buildings were ruined at your beloved Westmont.

Glad you guys had fun at the Reagan Library. I went to his alma mater, and he spoke at my graduation. Your little ones are starting to look BIG!!!

Love the quote by "Susie!" She really puts me in my place with the truth of her words.

How was the mission trip?

Laurzie said...

Tish, honey, my hubby is awed that Dutch spoke at your graduation! Wow, that is just the COOLEST! C. Everett Coop spoke at his... zzzzz!

He's a Reaganphile in every way. Awesome!

Kristi J said...

wow..that is so scary!!!! WE don't see things like that here in TN...stay safe, kristi