16 August 2007

Off to Ethiopia in the morning!!!

We are SO EXCITED! In the morning we fly off to meet our new little angel! We've got butterflies.

Normally I'd be double-checking all my lists right now, but since my computer crashed this morning that burden has been magically lifted. Normally I'd be running around like a mad woman into the wee hours of the morning scrubbing my house and getting things perfectly organized, but since I broke my toe that trouble is left to Michael. Ha ha ha! Nothing can get us down!

On Tuesday we Ortlunds (everyone local plus Uncle Ray & Aunt Jani in from Nashville) gathered to celebrate Granddaddy, share memories, pictures, and thank the Lord together. It was such a beautiful time. At the end, Uncle Nels led a prayer over us which just blessed us enormously. It is overwhelming to be so supported and encouraged by such dear, dear family. Mmmmmmwwwwaa (big kiss) to each and every one of you! You make us weep with your love.

We dropped Margot, Ricker, Jackie and the poochies off at Poppy & Nana's this afternoon. We're going to miss them SO much! I wish that they could've come with us like we had originally planned. Actually, Poppy & Mother were supposed to come with us, too, if we were going in the fall. That would have been wonderful, but hopefully we can all go together next time.

Then, we drove up to LAX to pick up our wonderful friends, Ray, Kim & Evie (who is starting at Biola next week)! Actually, we think the Lord just knew how much we needed a laugh after these insane couple of days, so He sent these awesome friends in to the rescue. We skipped a nice restaurant meal in favor of In-n-Out and had such a great celebration evening together. We love you guys! We couldn't ask for a better send-off.

Well, we're leaving the house at 4am for LAX so we're heading to bed to pretend to sleep for a few hours. We'll try to check in as often as possible... hopefully on Sunday after we meet our new baby girl! God is so good. Amen and amen.

Margot, Rickerman, and Admiral Jack -- big, BIG oofies from Papa, Mama, and Evangeline! We already miss you oodles...

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feja said...

How exciting, can't wait to see and hear all about it!