18 August 2007

Hello from the Delivery Room in Addis Ababa

We made it! We're here! It took 31 hours door to door and we're wiped out but SO excited. We flew from LA to Dulles (DC), Frankfurt, Sudan, and finally Addis. Evangeline was an absolute dreamboat with nary a squawk the entire trip. Thanks, Lord! I wish Michael traveled as well... ;)
We met two of the other families from All God's Children at Dulles and the third here in Addis, and they are wonderful people. Without their help we would have been up a creek without a luggage cart once we arrived with our 11 enormous bags and duffles.

Oh my, and on the plane we met two families also adopting in Ethiopia; one family has 7 kids and are bringing home 3 more, and the other has 5 and are bringing home 2 more. WOW, we're in the shallow end here, folks. These people are so amazing. It's very humbling.

Once we arrived we unpacked all the babies' things and got organized all the while realizing... in the morning Evie will be a big sister! YAHOO!!! I don't know how we'll sleep tonight. We're incredibly wired/tired.

Marg, Ricks, Jackson, we missyoumissyoumissyou! We're praying for you three. I hope you're having a GREAT time at Poppy & Nana's! Smoochies!

Now when do I get my epidural?


Manders said...

so excited for you guys!!
i can't believe our trips were so close but not overlapping. look forward to meeting elianna ray.
rest and enjoy her!!

The Richeys

Deanna said...

Yay! Looking forward to hearing how the labor went! :)