12 November 2007

Veterans Day at the Reagan Library

"Dutch" fans

We had such a great Veterans Day up at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. The weather was cool and misty which made our drive up the coast through Malibu's fire-scorched coastline very surreal. "Bu-land" got charred all the way to the shore in areas, apparently sparing Pepperdine University by inches. It's unreal to see how the fire skipped over some houses and scrub here and there and leveled other hillsides top to bottom. Sad.

The Reagan Library is exhibiting the former First Lady's extensive collection of designer gowns right now, so if you get a chance, don't miss it! You've got to admit that Nancy has incredible style! We also got to tour Air Force One, which wasn't yet on display last time we were there. Very, very cool. The inside is incredibly tiny compared to what we saw on The West Wing.

Afterwards we hung out in Westlake Village and then introduced the kids to a favorite restaurant that we haven't been to in years. What a great day!

Mama & Elianna Ray at the Ronald Reagan Pub

Papa & Kids in front of Air Force One


be_a_Mary said...

what a beautiful family! obviously we are reagan fans, since we named our daughter after him!! :)

Keva said...

I have always wanted to see Air Force One, how cool. To see your whole family out on an outing such as this, it puts me past awe. You are an incredible mother and you love for Jesus is infectious.