11 November 2007

Thankful for Veterans

I'm thankful for:

  • America, Land of the Free!
  • "In God We Trust"
  • Our founding fathers
  • Old Glory
  • Our military veterans and all our boys still serving
What a debt we owe to our men and women in every branch of the military! THANK YOU! Today we honor you!


Lori said...


kikstra said...

Thank you for this post-- yesterday our pastor shared some pictures of his nephew in Afghanistan & the ceremony they were holding to honor 3 of their fallen friends and comrades. No matter what people might think of the war, the sacrifice of our soldiers is enormous and humbling, and I am trying to remember to thank God each day for them.

kikstra said...

O.K., Laurie, I forgot that one of the reasons I came to your site today is to ask if you needed a transit visa when you went through Frankfurt with Elianna Ray? Our adoption agency is fairly new with Ethiopian travel, and they are saying we would, but Susan Parr is saying we would not- just wanted confirmation from someone who has "been there". Thanks! -Betsy