02 November 2007

Boo on Halloween & Thinking of Thanks

Halloween around here was sort of a bust. Usually a day or two before Halloween we throw a big party with games, apple bobbing, pumpkin carving and painting, and a costume contest, and then skip trick-or-treating and head to our church's Fall Fun Night. But, because we're still laying a little bit low adjusting to being a family of seven, we put off the party until next year, and then Jackie and Evangeline weren't feeling well on the 31st. BOO!

Marg & Ricker went to church with Uncle Buddy, Auntie Becky, Johnny, and Lincoln, and the rest of us stayed home and answered the door for trick-or-treaters after going to a few houses just so the little kids could wear their costumes for a while. We had fun anyway, but I didn't like not being all together. Boo on that!

Elianna Ray was a little pink octopus. Doesn't she look sweet?

Evangeline was a pretty peacock (or should I say peahen?)

Ricker & Jackie dressed up as gladiators and Margie was a woodland fairy.
Michael enjoyed having hair for an evening!

Anyway, now that we're into Thanksgiving season, my friend Roxie reminded me that it's time to start my thankful list! Yea! I'm going to take time each day to think of a few things that I'm grateful for and thank the Lord for them as the list grows.

OK, here we go.

I'm thankful for:
  • Salvation, the Lord's grace for me every day, and God's provision for our family
  • 16 years with Michael, his deliciously twisted sense of humor, and that we have so much fun together
  • Our most precious babies - Margie, Ricker, Jackie, Evangeline & Elianna Ray
  • Our extended family, whom we lean on, learn from, and admire so greatly
  • Our church family
  • Our dear friends, who "live, laugh, and love" with us
  • Homeschooling
  • Our new OCEAN (Orange County Ethiopian Adoption Network) group!

What are you thankful for today?


ErinOrtlund said...

Those costumes are amazing! What fun!

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't think she could be any cuter. What fun. :)


Lovingbliss said...

What wonderful costumes! Look at Elianna octopus and Evangeline Peahen! I almost bought Berlin the Peahen one too! It's adorable!

There certainly is SO much to be thankful for. I think it's amazing that you endeavor to make a list!

Shawn and Jami said...

It is so encouraging to see families home with their children. We are in the dossier process for twins...Lord willing...thank you for sharing your joy with us:)

emily said...

I love Thanksgiving! Several years ago we made a huge Thankful Tree. We got brown butcher paper and cut out a large trunk and branches and taped it to a wall in the kitchen. Then we made fall colored leaves. Each day we all wrote something that we were thankful for on a leaf and taped it to the tree, by the time Thanksgiving Day arrived- it was this beautiful tree full of our blessings. I just might have to recreate it this year-- we have MUCH to be thankful for:)