22 November 2007

At the top of my Thankful List

Our little Ray Ray, who is now of Scotch-Ethiopian heritage! :)

Our amazing Evangeline, who makes every day so fun!
(She's a true Southern Californian who ignores that it actually
does get cold here sometimes
and would happily run in the sprinklers every day if I would let her.)

Our wild boys, Ricker & Jackie, the Dynamic Duo!

Our gorgeous Marg, who is so mature, and smart, and funny. Why didn't she stay little???

and a few more fun pics:

Elianna Ray loves to ride on Papa's shoulders.
His ears are her handle bars.
So cute!

Evie in dreds. She's discovering the fun of costumes.

Big giggles from our baby girl.

Well, hey there, Cutie!

I have SO MUCH to be thankful for! God is so GOOD! Thank You, Jesus, for Your many many blessings.

Michael, Laurie, Margot, Ricker, Jackie, Evangeline & Elianna Ray


Carrie P said...

You have such a beautiful family! Thanksgiving always brings me back to thinking about our adoption journeys. I hope you have a beautiful day that is rich rich with blessing, laughter (which I've noticed is contagious in your home) and memory-making.
I'm thankful for you today!

Denise said...

Thank you for praying for us and our court date tomorrow! I so appreciate it. And, by the way, your family is beautiful and I had a good laugh reading a bit lower in your blog about some of the responses we could give to people as to why are daughter is black. :)


Ted and Jill said...

Great pics...I love following your blog. I cannot wait to add the pics of our two ET girls hopefully coming home soon!

emily said...

I love your precious family! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

TedTracie said...

All of your kids are PRECIOUS!!! I just went all the way back through your blog and looked at all of your pictures! We have 3 kids and our adopted baby will be #4. We are on the waiting list for a boy.
We homeschool as well...
I noticed you took your baby to Ethiopia... did you take any of your other kids?
Nice to meet you...

Nikki said...

Thanks for the message on my blog! Your family is beautiful!! I enjoy your blog!!!

Anne said...

I love all your photos of the babies! My little turkeys are at the top of my list, too. Happy Thanksgiving.

Lori said...

I'm trying to leave a comment!! Please work!!!

Lori said...

Nooo wayyyy!!! It worked!!
Yay! Love the blog and your family!