27 March 2008

Random Facts About Nothing In Particular

OK, I got "random facts" tagged by Lori, but I've been procrastinating. So, after much feet-dragging, Lor, here you go:

  1. Where to start??? OK, I'm a family person. I love being with my family, just the seven of us, and our larger family as well. It makes both Michael and I purr with happiness to be all together enjoying a meal, holidays, birthdays, or just hanging out.
  2. I also really, really need alone time or I start to go a little postal. Actually, Michael calls it going "homeschooly". I think the term will catch on. Don't you?
  3. I've always been fascinated by Africa. I used to wonder if I would end up a missionary there. Maybe I still will!
  4. I couldn't place Ethiopia on a map if my life depended upon it until the Lord called us to adopt Elianna Ray. Now, it's so much a part of the fabric of our lives and hearts that it feels like our hometown away from home.
  5. Even though I love the early morning when it's quiet and dark and I'd love to be a person who springs out of bed before the crack of dawn exploding with energy and enthusiasm, I'm not really a morning person.
  6. I fall asleep in the movie theatres almost every time we go. Action film, thriller, kids' movie, whatever, it's the dark and the comfy chair without kids crawling on me that does it.
  7. Speaking of chairs, I love the chairs at the dentist's office. If I weren't actually getting my mouth worked on (I despise all dental procedures - Sorry, Moody!), I could easily cat nap there, too.
  8. Michael and I have always been best friends, although we can drive each other completely insane, too. We're spicy, let's leave it at that.
  9. We got married young at 20 & 21 and I'm so glad that we did.
  10. I love classical music, opera, R&B, jazz, and a variety of rock.
  11. I had a seizure when I was pregnant with our oldest that was scary enough to give me nightmares for years.
  12. My pregnancies were awful. I had hyperemesis, which basically means you vomit all day long for 9 months.
  13. I've thrown up all over Orange County, Southern California, and Maui.
  14. I've thrown up all across England & Scotland.
  15. I've thrown up all across France & Italy.
  16. That makes me an international barfer.
  17. Like I've said before (in the "Barleygate" post), I'm an A+ vomiter. That's my big, braggable proficiency.
  18. We didn't start out planning to adopt. The Lord directed us.
  19. Adoption is not Plan B.
  20. I've learned more about God the Father's Love for me through adoption than any other avenue in my life.
  21. I think that Jesus loves birth moms of adopted kids more than anyone can possibly comprehend.
  22. I'm a middle child, and all that that implies.
  23. My siblings and I are very close friends, although we didn't used to be.
  24. I could happily spend every single day of my life at the beach. Walking on the sand, going for a swim, bodysurfing, boating... Yeah, baby! I love it.
  25. I'm the person you secretly suspect of dancing and singing in the elevator. I hope those security videos never end up on You Tube.
  26. I could very happily live on flautas with queso and guacamole, and a big Cadillac margarita.
  27. Also turkey burgers with avocado, onion rings, and a big Diet Coke (as if that could balance the scale!).
  28. That's why I'm on a diet.
  29. I really resisted homeschooling at first. I thought it was too "granola" for me. Now, I love it, and can't imagine life any differently!
  30. I was head cheerleader in high school, and also openly hated because of my faith in Christ. High school was not fun.
  31. Although I loved college, I was a horrible student then, and have been paying penance reading textbooks, literature, studying everything I can get my hands on ever since. I should have been a Catholic for all this guilt!
  32. I'm going to go back to school someday and do it right.
  33. I love to sing, but not solos.
  34. I'm a Bible snob. I just love my NIV, although I secretly prefer the King James.
  35. I've broken both of my ankles twice each. Told ya I was klutzy!
  36. So, throwing a ball... yeah, not so much.
  37. I don't know why anyone would ever wear anything other than cotton underwear.
  38. I could happily live everyday in jeans, a t-shirt, and my Ugg slippers.
  39. I also love to get dressed up to the nines and go someplace swanky for cocktails and dinner.
  40. I don't eat seafood of any kind. Yuck!
  41. I love to cook.
  42. I love to entertain and throw parties.
  43. I hate to clean up after cooking and entertaining.
  44. I've become a neat freak, increasingly so with each baby. Having more little ones definitely made my homemaking skills improve. Michael finds it a little neurotic.
  45. A good pedicure can cure me of almost any bad mood.
  46. I'm sneaking this one in here near the end because fewer people are likely to make it this far. I love tobacco. Always have. Always will. I'd be a chain-smoker if it weren't so unhealthy. Now, stop being so judgemental and just get over it already.
  47. I also love good wine, most cocktails, and after-dinner drinks.
  48. I wish more people knew that Jesus is about FREEDOM!
  49. Along those lines, rest easy, Mama, I don't have any tattoos.
  50. I'm beginning to regret agreeing to writing this list.

That's it! Finis!

Keva and Liz, I'm tagging you!


Lori said...

Ok! Girl, we have to meet! Other than the L & M thing going on there are some/lots of other things too!! ;0

Mexican food(and bevs), clean freak, I DON'T EAT ANY SEAFOOD EITHER, not even tuna, nada, nothin. People think I'm nuts because we live in the best place on earth for Seafood! Sadly, I've never even tried it except maybe once or twice by accident!

41 - yup
42 - yup
47 - too many yups sometimes
46 - I knew you had a dark side! Just kidding, if you didn't notice mine too, I'm with ya...
49 - I forgot to put that I DO have one, I'll have to post a pic!
It's a doggie paw, I loved my first doggie (Tooney)!!!

I'm thrilled you caved and did this! It's a blast to read and learn more about you! Oh, and most of all #8 is our marriage! We are the absolute best of friends but we drive each other mental a lot of the time - spicy, yes! xoxo

emily said...

My heart is going pitter pat!! We must leave somethings undiscovered for that bottle/s of wine!! Too many to even list that are the same, too many!

Moody just replaced his chairs- I'm sure we could ship you one:)

FHL said...

*going "homeschooly"*

Oh, that simple phrase describes my day so well! Thanks for the much needed smile your list brought :-)

be_a_Mary said...

i LOVE it! i love learning about you!! i also LOVE good wine.

Tish said...

you sound like you would be a lovely friend to have!

Andrea said...

I loved your list, especially the last two :)

Misty said...

I love your list. We so need to hang out!

ErinOrtlund said...

Fun Laurie! I also love Africa and the beach! In fact, when I lived in Kenya, it was right on the coast--perfect!

Were you pregnant on your UK trip?

Anonymous said...

YEY!!! Anonymous is back and I can leave a comment. Great list-GIRL tell me about the wine (lol).

love "Z"

The Roberts Family said...

Hello there young lady. :) Are you still looking for someone to bring you back coffee? If so, we can try to bring some. Email me if you haven't already been taking care of. :) We hope to travel late April. Take Care~ Shelly robertsfamily@mlgc.com

Rebecca said...

I was dying laughing at the end of your list!

I have told my mom for years that I have a tattoo. Because, she hates that. You can tell that she almost doesn't believe me - but then she kind of does. It drives her crazy - and I just laugh :) She told me last time we discussed it "Not everyone that has a tattoo is in prison; but, everyone that is in prison has a tattoo" he he

My children are going to torture me...

Rebecca said...

What a spicy, interesting girl you are!!

And funny... "international barfer"... lol! lol!!

So happy to know you in the bloggy world! I think we would get along famously in real life.

Hugs, Rebecca