14 March 2008

Pismo With Ricker

I'm finally getting around to going through the photos of our vacation with Ricker a couple of weeks ago. That will go down as one of the sweetest memories of my life. Spending time with our boy, having a ton of fun together, and talking about life, the Lord, and his hopes and dreams was absolutely precious to me!


Rebecca said...

Laurie, seriously, you have the most beautiful family and you are drop-dead gorgeous!!! I only wish I looked that chic in pictures of our vacations...!!!!! :)

The slideshow was a blast to watch. Looks like so much fun with your boy!!

Hugs & love,

Lori said...

You guys are just beaming! Love the pics!!

Jesi and Joe said...

What incredible photos! You guys look like you did some awesome stuff and had an incredible time! What a cool birthday! In a few years, I think we'll have to head up that way and do some playing... what a fun area!