05 March 2008

Rapunzel Has Left the Building... And Gone to the Beach

Ta-DA! The new look. I had 16 inches of hair lopped off yesterday!
Years ago I whimsically said, "I'll wait to cut my hair until such-and-such happens." HA! I think the Lord laughed at me.
Fat lot of good it did me anyway! As Emily said, it's NOT that I believed that not cutting my hair would somehow bend the universe to my will, or the Lord's will to my wishes. It just seemed like a good way to mark time and remember to be in prayer. But, my timing is most decidely not His timing. So, I finally threw in the towel and chopped it all off!
Now Haus says I have "college hair" (the same style I had all those years ago when we met)! Poor guy is a little sulky that he can't have college hair again, too.
So, how heavy is hair anyway? I wonder how much that will register on the scale??? Does that count towards my health-conscious resolution??? I guess not since it doesn't help me fit into my skinny jeans. Phooey!

Now it's your turn, Emily, if you're game!
Then, after schoolwork, we hit the beach because it was just way too pretty outside. Poor Ray Ray got smacked by an errant wave, though, so we drove home with a very sad babysicle, but here are a few photos of happier times.


How gorgeous is this?


Ray Ray just before disaster struck

Evangeline saying, "No NO, wave!" So cute.


The Redman's said...

LOVE the hair!! You look fabulous!!! And.... I can't believe how grown up little Miss Ray Ray is looking. :)By the way, what beach are you at?? Gorgeous!

See you soon!!!!!!! (let's talk details sometime soon. :) )

Love, Suzi

Lori said...


It makes you look like a little girl! OMG- fantabulous, beautiful!

You better find something for the kids to do later when your man walks in the door! Whoa, look out!


I have to go look again, and read the rest of the post and pics...

kikstra said...

I love the haircut, and the beautiful beach pictures- I'm tempted to buy a plane ticket to come out and visit you pronto! And I'm honored that you miss me(us)- email me at kikstra@chartermi.net and I'll get your email added to the list!

Eric & Tara said...

Ummm, LOVE the haircut! I wish my hair was all cute and curly like that!

TedTracie said...



Jesi and Joe said...

Oh my gosh, your hair looks AWESOME! Sexy lady... oh yeah! The beach looks great too, which beach were you at? I've GOT to get myself back to the beach soon and stop obsessing QUITE so much over baby quilts and the like!

emily said...

You look beautiful my friend!! Love the cut. I bet it feels fabulous. I am still debating, a few that know me well and have seen me with both, have been pretty clear they like it longer:) I will try to find a picture of me with short hair and send it to you!!

I'm sorry sweet Ray, Ray got knocked over. I love how her sister was telling the waves "no, no"!!

How is school? I only said "thank you Lord for this opportunity to trust you more" 100 times today!! Whew.....3 days down.

Tish said...

WOW!!!! Your hair looks AWESOME! You need to post about what type of hair products you use for curly hair! ANd the beach photos are gorgeous...as always!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh, could you BE any cuter? LOVE the new look! If I spend too much more time on the waitlist, I just might lose my mind and shave my head!


Danni and Tommy said...

LOVE the new hair! ...and the beautiful beach pics! Your family is just too cute :)

be_a_Mary said...

I LOVE the new hair!! LOVE LOVE it!! YAY! Looks like a beautiful day at the beach too!


Ray Ortlund said...

Great hair! You'll still be breaking hearts.

I can't get Jani to let me either grow a pony tail or shave my head. Dang.

Rebecca said...

Hey girl, you look FAB with the new 'do!! It definitely suits you. :) Loved all the beach pics. Sigh. Makes me long for a vacation!!! WHY oh why do I live in the Midwest of all places!!!!!

Mastrella Madness!!!! said...

I love your hair!!!! Short, long, You will always look like a hot babe to me!!

:) Amanda

DrewCareyShow said...

Lovin' the hair! It was gorgeous long, by dy-no-mite short! Isn't it the craziest feeling when you wash it?