25 March 2008

Fits Happen

We have officially entered the Terrific Two's even though Evangeline is just 19 months old. My little angel baby, the easy one, the baby with the sweetest, dearest disposition now has a hidden Hulk inside. At first it started with practice fits and we'd have to cover our snickers because it was hysterical to watch her get upset, run to the mirror and throw herself down on the floor crying, "Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-no-no-no! Waaaah! Mad! Sad! Cwyiiiiiiing!" Too funny.

Now it's the real deal.
We have begun The NO Stage.
"Good morning!" "No."
"Do you want a banana?" "No."
"Shall we go for a walk?" "No."
"Let's go jump on the trampoline!" "No."
"It's time for a bath." "NO!"

And, when Elianna Ray suddenly shrieks and I ask, "What happened Evangeline?" she will respond with absolute honesty, "Bite Ray Ray".
"What did you do to your sister?"

"Hit Ray Ray."
"Scratch her. No no, Evie!" she'll say all on her own, self-disciplining.

And the fit throwing... Lord, have mercy, the fit throwing! But, enough digressing about me.

In Nordstrom the other day she wanted to have a cookie and when she didn't get one, she threw herself down right in front of the escalator, clobbering her head while she was at it. Wanting comfort from the owie she got while flipping out, she started shouting, "Pick UP! Pick UP! Mama, NOW UP!" Oh dear.

I didn't respond the way she wanted. You can use your imagination here. She was less than pleased with what happened to her little heinie.

My Evangeline has left darling babyhood and toddlerhood behind and is now a creature that I hardly recognize... At least I have pictures of the angelic one whose body she has taken over.

So, a little warning, Hulk fans: Don't make her angry. You wouldn't like her when she's angry.


Lori said...

I don't like reading this story because it's begining to shatter my thoughts of you having the perfect family!!! On the other hand, I can't help but smile at the thought of someone else in utter humiliation in public... Why is it never funny at the time and hysterical and sort of cute after??
I guess otherwise our kids wouldn't make it to tomorrow if we didn't come around to find the humor and cuteness in their fits!

Oh Laurie - you tell great stories!

I'm still laughing and even just squeezed out a little tear from the edge of my eye picturing the whole Nordstrom scene! I bet you left the store promptly??

I try not to shop w/Nick unless I have to, he can make it miserable with touching everything, bouncing around, knocking stuff over, talking non-stop and incessantly asking me to buy him something! :0


Tish said...

oh! i am impressed that you even took her to nordstrom with you!!!

TedTracie said...

Oh the terrible twos..

bless your heart

The Roberts Family said...

Yeah!!, you have a "real family" just like ours. :) Oh the stories you'll be able to tell her someday when SHE'S a momma going through the same things! :) Blessings~ Shelly

Misty said...

That was a great story! (great from our end to read it anyways!) I also think that is why with our first child, we are adopting an infant, and not a 2 year old!!

Brad and Christy Sherrell said...

We are SO with you. Kidus isn't even 18 months and he is in full temper tantrum mode. Yes, it is a little funny. But he has the high pitched Ethiopian scream. I'm beginning to loose my hearing...which is a bit of a blessing!

Melinda said...

Oh, I can so relate! We have a wonderful little two year old in our house as well. Part of his problem is that up until this point he has been spoiled by two adoring sisters. I would say at this point, they are not quite as adoring as when he came home from Ethiopia a year ago. I guess they are not real fond of the two year old stage either. Thanks for the great laugh. It is nice to know that other's are going through the same fun times.

Danni and Tommy said...

You tell it just so well! I was laughing so hard. When I was very young my parents called me Baby Hulk. (I'm sure for good reason) I would walk around growling saying "Me baby Hulk, grrrr!"...so I can relate to her feelings on a deep and profound level :)
Thank you for sharing!

emily said...

Oh, not sweet little Evangeline!! I'm sure she throws the most precious tantrum ever- if Aunt Emily had been there, she would have just given her a cookie:)

The sense of humor that our Lord has! You are such a great mom Laurie. Thank you for being transparent and making the rest of us feel "normal"!!

I still want to be a member of the fam, tantrums and all!!