13 December 2007

Visiting Santa at His Beach House

Santa was his jolly ol' self as we visited him at his home in Newport Beach on Monday. I'm so grateful that the older kids still find it fun and exciting to see Santa and tell (fib to) him that they've been little angels all year! They were great sports for both of the girls and made visiting Saint Nick a very big and fun deal. Man, we've got some great kids!

Papa & Ray Ray by the BIG tree.
This year Fashion Island is sporting the biggest Christmas tree in the Nation at 115 feet!

Mama & Elianna Ray

Getting very excited!

Alright, I'm not waiting one more minute!

Ray Ray absolutely LOVED Santa, and clapped and sang while sitting on his lap. Meanwhile, Evangeline who yells, "HI, Sata! HI, Sata! Hey, HIIIIII, Sata!" (sic) at every single Santa that she sees until he responds with a little wave, couldn't muster a smile for the big moment. Oh well. I think she was a little overwhelmed. Once we left, she talked about him all day long!

Here's the official shot with the girls

and all five Hausam babies with The Big Kahuna!


Rebecca said...

wow - when I saw the first picture of the tree I couldn't believe it. I couldn't figure out what I was looking at - since the ornaments are as big as Elianna!!

Liesl said...

I am a friend of Rebecca's (comment above) and love following her fellow bloggers' adoption stories, as my husband and I hope to adopt in the future. Your family's blog is one of my faves, as your heart for the Lord is truly evident. I also lived in Orange County (and met my hubby while I was out there!) from January 2004 until May of 2005. I sure do miss it. It's fun to read about your adventures at places that bring back such happy memories for me (yes, Fashion Island is definitely one of them...hehe).
God bless you this Christmas season!

emily said...

Beautiful family friend! I love the girls dresses.

It is cold here, and a few days in CA is really sounding like a good idea right now:)

Scarlett_333 said...

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Thanks so much!

ErinOrtlund said...

You have a gorgeous family! And Elianna Ray fits right in! Thank you for the Christmas card--I always enjoy them, especially hearing about all your fun trips and activities!

The Redman's said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!! Such a beautiful family! Elianna always looks so happy!!

Merry Christmas!