18 December 2007

A Little Bragging...

At the American Home Christmas bash, I had the privilege of watching Michael truly shine. He started this Little Engine That Could company from scratch five years ago and Poppy quickly partnered with him. Together they've build a terrific business with a great team and the Lord has continued to bless their hard work. Now they run the largest company of their kind in Southern California! The Christmas party was a gas! These people are like a big, hysterical, quirky, and noisy family!


emily said...

Go ahead and brag- I think we should brag on our men:) I love the picture of your dad (I think) in between two sisters. Correct me if I got it mixed up! I need to know these things to be an honorary family member:)

What does the company do? Mind if I ask?

The Hausams said...

OK, honorary family member! He runs a construction company. Mainly they do blown cellulose insulation (environmentally green), but they also do some home restoration, and improvements. It's a far leap from the white collar world he left behind, and he truly loves it.

BTW, yes, that is my dad between me and my sister. :) Poor guy!