20 December 2007

A Must-Read Article on Gospel Truth About Adoption!

* Take a minute to read this. *

Big thanks to Keva for this well-worded article by Russell Moore about what adoption means. Oh, how I have wished for his eloquence when confronted with offensive questions and "interest" by people who just don't get it! Bravo, Brother Russ!


Deanna said...

That is an AWESOME article. Thank you for posting it!

The Redman's said...

Too funny-- I just came across this article a few days ago. It's incredible. Almost posted it on my blog yesterday. :) Wish I had read this awhile back too!


Keva said...

I just went back to your trip to Ethiopia to see what kind of carrier you used for Evangiline. Isaac will be to big for a front carrier by the time we get to him and wanted to know what kind you used and if you liked it?

Glad you liked the article. He has a ton and a book soon to be finished and published. It is so good to finally have a book with a Biblical outlook out there as a resource (well soon to be).