20 December 2007

Let It SNOW!

Beautiful Lake Arrowhead is one of our favorite SoCal places to go for SNOW! We don't get any of the gorgeous white stuff here in Orange County, so we all get so excited -- like we've never seen it before. "Look! Over there! By the tree! It's SNOW! HOORAY!" In Arrowhead village there's a great place for yummy Belgian waffles and hot chocolate, we have a snowball fight or two, build a snow man, take a boat ride on the lake, or go ice skating, and head home exhausted.

This was Evangeline & Elianna Ray's first snow experience and they had a such great time. Evangeline got the hang of making snowballs right away, and she calls it "fmow" just like Ricker did when he was little. So precious. For Marg, Ricker & Jackie it's like going to Disneyland. They can't get enough of it -- at least until they need to warm up at the chalet...

Jackie: "40 degrees is really cold, Mama. I like it more like 65 plus. 72 is my favorite. But, I love snow, too. It's just a little c-c-c-cold."

Here are some fun snaps of our snow trip last weekend:

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be_a_Mary said...

that looks like such fun!! :) what a fantastic family!