03 December 2007

OCEAN Christmas Party!

Hey, all you SoCal Ethiopian adoptive families...

Orange County Ethiopian Adoption Network



Saturday, December 8th, 3:00

At the Hausams in Orange

Bring all your little sugarplums!

Leave a comment on this post or a message in the guestbook and we'll get you signed up to bring an appetizer or sweet treat!


emily said...

You are a precious friend! I wish we could come decorate gingerbread houses with you:)

I covet your prayers!

be_a_Mary said...

We will be there with bells on!

This morning my 4 year old decided that while it was mean for the fox to eat the gingerbread man, you can't quite blame him because after all, the gingerbread probably tastes good! Chances are his house might be digested as well!! :)

cbpaschall said...

We are so excited for Saturday--how fun!