29 December 2007

A Very Merry McHaus Christmas!

How overwhelming it is to me that two years ago at Christmastime we were rejoicing over the discovery that our beloved Evangeline was on the way and now we've got another beautiful sugarplum baby, too! Thank You, Jesus, for all our sweet angels. What an incredible Christmas this was for our family... Michael and I were dancing around the kitchen before the break of dawn getting breakfast together, putting on Christmas music, and lighting a fire just so happy that we've got a houseful of angels excitedly waiting upstairs to see what Santa left them in their stockings!

This was our Ray Ray's first Christmas and the first one that Evangeline was really excited about so it was a treasured one for all of us. Also it was especially poignant as we are praying for the Hyer family who celebrated a bittersweet Christmas at CHOC with their little Emeline who is fighting what they are now told is likely a losing battle with leukemia. It makes me realize how very precious every single day is with our family. The Lord knows the number of hairs on our head just as He knows the moment we will meet Him in Heaven. Praise the Lord for that! What a gift He is to us... truly THE GIFT which we celebrate at Christmas!

Evangeline checking out all the goodies saying, "Hooray! Fun! Fun!"

Jackie was on the Nice List, too!

Michael and I got a little punchy singing Christmas songs while we were wrapping, so we penned a new version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer... It goes a little somethin' like this: "You know Blistex, and Carmex, and Kleenex, and Qtips, Clorox, and Kotex, and Playtex, and Tampax, but do you recall the most famous household product of all...?" Many versions followed. I know... but, it was very late and we were very, very tired!

I think he likes it!

The xylophone was the most fun present for the girls. They are little musicians at heart!

New Product (RED) clothes!

Celebrating our 18th Christmas married!

A precious little bow-head

Another darling little gift!

Michael & Buddy

Kissing cousins Elianna Ray & Matthew

Auntie Lisa & Santa Baby Evie

The best part of the day for Charlotte was playing with the wrapping!

Our dear family

And this is what we're really like!

Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night!


ErinOrtlund said...

Great photos! It's so fun watching kids open gifts! Love the song too! ;)

emily said...

Precious Christmas memories- thank you for sharing with us!

I LOVE the new look! I may have a little blog envy:)

The Redman's said...

Love the blog. LOVE all the happy Christmas pics.!! What a beautiful family you have! Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing you guys in April! A fun reunion to be had!!

Love, Suzi