29 October 2007

Prayer Chain Request & Plumpynut Video

This prayer request is passed on from Susan, who's a part of the Orange County Ethiopian Adoption Network for her friends in Virginia.

The Dennehy family is in the process of adopting a daughter from Ethiopia who doesn't have arms. This would be a phenomenal family for this little angel because they already have TWO children with the same disability. The adoption is in jeopardy, though, because her birth father is having reservations about her being adopted into a Christian family because he is Muslim. Please pray with us for the Dennehys.

Here's a YouTube video about their extraordinary family.

Also,my friend Emily posted this 60 Minutes video about Plumpynut, which is a vitamin enriched food item made by Doctors without Borders that's treating kids in Niger, Africa with malnutrition with incredible results. Take a minute to watch this very interesting Anderson Cooper report.

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emily said...

I watched the Youtube video- amazing. Don't you just love the plumpy nut story. Apparently the largest factory is in Addis:)