29 October 2007


What a wonderful time we had with our Ethiopian adoptive families' group last weekend! It was an anointed time together! We had two new families (the Yateses & Paschalls) join us this time -- hooray! It is so enriching for us to be forming relationships with other Christian families who already have kids from or are adopting from Ethiopia. We feel blessed to know each of you. Won't it be great to see all our little babies playing together in the next months and years???

I'm sorry I don't have pictures to share. Neither Michael nor I thought about it until everyone was gone. Phooey! Next time.

Andrew & Amanda, we missed you being there and everyone can hardly wait to get their hands on Mekdes! And, Karen, quit lurking and post already! ;) Where is your blog?


Lori said...

Fantastic blog - I'm going to add you to ours if you don't mind! ;)

Lori said...

Love your blog!

be_a_Mary said...

OK, I'll come out of hiding!! :) We did have such a fantastic time at your house!! Thanks so much. What a great group! We are very excited to share the bond of ethiopia with such amazing people. and i LOVE LOVE your energy!

emily said...

Wish I lived around the corner and could have come:)