24 October 2007

Fire Update and Farm Field Trip

Hey all, thanks for keeping us Southern Californians in prayer over the fires raging across our desert landscape. The front page of the Orange County Register today shows a satellite picture from Santa Barbara to Mexico that is shocking because of the multitude of fires in our area and the mass of swirling smoke over our coastline and ocean. Lovely Lake Arrowhead has lost 425 homes and 5,000 acres. San Diego has lost a whopping 1,150 homes, sadly including that of our cousin, Donnie McClure (shown below with Mother), in Rancho Bernardo and 235,000 acres. And Orange County has lost 10 homes and 18,000 acres. We can still see fire on the hills from our home although we are not in the danger zone, but many of our family and friends have had to evacuate with just a few possessions not knowing what they'll find when they return. It's a sobering reminder that truly everything we have is ours on loan from God, not to be held onto too tightly.

More news on the fire to come. Please keep praying for the safety of our firefighters, residents, and wildlife in this area.

To end on a happier note, here are a few shots from our farm field trip last week:

Our sweet pumpkins


The cutest little piggy

Michael and the kids


Rebecca said...

Your pictures are too cute! Looks like you guys had fun.

We'll continue to keep you guys in our prayers! WOW. I can't even imagine.

kikstra said...

Thanks for posting- I was thinking of your family last night as I watched the coverage- you and your family & friends will be in our prayers. I wish we could come to your potluck!!!

ErinOrtlund said...

Sorry to hear about the fires! Scary!

Your family is SO adorable! And it looks like Elianna fits right in! thanks for the pictures!