18 October 2007

A Day at the Beach

It was a gorgeous day at the beach in San Diego last weekend. We were so grateful because the day before was a little chilly and overcast. Evangeline had a BALL playing in the water and cruising all over the beach. Every season of babyhood and childhood is such a treat and I always feel like, "Oh, please don't grow up one more minute! Stay exactly this way!" Newborn, infant, toddler, little kid, big kid, all of it. I truly enjoy every stage. Right now I wish I could just freeze my kids right where they are. They are all in such fun and different places. I love it!

Me and Elianna Ray ready to get in our bathing suits

Evangeline exploring every inch of sand

Marg and Elianna Ray (eating her first sand)

Teething rocker-style

The boys being boys

Marg and Evie

*Updated prayer request: Fever! Ya giv'a me fever. That's right, we're passing it around like a hot potato. Elianna Ray has had the worst of it, though. I've had to put her in a cool bath three times in the last two days to bring her fever down. No fun! Jackie came home from tennis lessons last night and went straight to bed even though I made calzone for dinner which is his favorite. Poor guy. Please pray for healing in our home and for protection for Michael, Ricker, and me who have yet to get sick. Thanks!

Have a blessed day, friends!

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emily said...

The beach looks like the fun, the fever- not so much. Pray it has stopped and no one else gets it.