16 October 2007

"Ditsy Squirrels"

aka the Dead Sea Scrolls are on exhibit at the Natural History Museum in San Diego and are a must see! I don't know why the kids and I started calling them the "Ditsy Squirrels" or why we found that so funny, but that nickname brought down the house every time. Still does.

Anyway, if you get a chance to see them while they're there, don't miss it! The photographs of Israel alone are worth the trip. Truly stunning. Remember to bring a sweater, though, because the entire lower level is kept very chilled to protect the artifacts.

Trent & Michael and the boys at
the San Diego Natural History Museum in beautiful Balboa Park

Claire, Marg holding Evangeline, Ricker, Jackie & Carson

Sandy looking lovely

and Elianna Ray giving me a raspberry!

a sailor playing taps at a memorial ceremony at the Midway

The Adamses

May I please have all my photos taken with the new filter???
I think we should all be viewed in soap opera vision!

Isn't it beautiful outside? I'm thanking the Lord all day for this gorgeous fall weather. Have a blessed day!

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