27 August 2008

World Vision Experience: AIDS (Step Into Africa)

What an experience it is. I highly recommend that everyone, every Christian, every parent, every person who thinks they know the story of AIDS take time for this extraordinary exhibit.

Check out the World Vision Experience: AIDS (Step Into Africa) website to find a venue local to you and get your FREE tickets.

Due to the highly emotional nature of this event because it is intentially personally applicable, parental discression is advised. Our older two (13 & 12) were very moved, our younger son (8) couldn't handle it so we decided against the headphones.

Hausams & Mastrellas at Calvary Community Church, Westlake Village

Dinner at Marmalade Cafe


Unknown said...

Your daughter is so precious. I am addicted to blogs right now as we leave to pick up our son in 2 days in ET.

D.Lake said...

Hey Laurie: IT was great talking to Mike today. Your family is adorable.

Glad you are up and running with school. Hope you guys have a great year. We start after Labor Day. We did a bit this summer and are taking all of August off.

Glad to reconnect!